4 Seats VR Fantasy Ride Featured Image
  • 4 Seats VR Fantasy Ride
  • 4 Seats VR Fantasy Ride
  • 4 Seats VR Fantasy Ride
  • 4 Seats VR Fantasy Ride
  • 4 Seats VR Fantasy Ride
  • 4 Seats VR Fantasy Ride
  • 4 Seats VR Fantasy Ride
  • 4 Seats VR Fantasy Ride
  • 4 Seats VR Fantasy Ride
  • 4 Seats VR Fantasy Ride

4 Seats VR Fantasy Ride

This cutting-edge simulator offers an unparalleled adventure, combining the thrill of virtual reality with the excitement of interactive shooting and special effects lifting module. With its 4-seat configuration, this simulator is perfect for friends and family to enjoy together, creating unforgettable memories and bonding over thrilling virtual experiences.

The VR Fantasy Riding Simulator is designed with safety and innovation in mind. It features an electric safety lever, ensuring that users can enjoy the experience with peace of mind. The special effects lifting module adds an extra dimension to the virtual reality experience, making users feel as though they are truly part of the action.

In addition to its excellent features, VR Fantasy Ride Simulator also comes with a special edition content pack that offers a selection of 9+ special edition games. These games are specifically designed to maximize the capabilities of the emulator and provide users with a wide range of virtual experiences. From action-packed adventure to immersive storytelling, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this special edition content pack.

Whether it’s an entertainment venue, theme park or family entertainment center, the VR Fantasy Ride Simulator is the perfect addition to any venue looking to deliver a truly unique and unforgettable experience. With its state-of-the-art technology and engaging gameplay, this simulator is sure to captivate the crowd and keep them coming back for more.

The Advantage:

  • Advanced display technology
  • Comfortable and White -Blue advanced design
  • Immersive audio VR games experience
  • Intuitive controls and interaction with players
  • Exclusive VR games


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Product Detail

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4 VR fantsay riding


Advantages of 4 Seats VR Fantasy Ride

1. Exclusive VR games and Movies.

2. High-definition films let you dive into immersive experience akin to stepping into a futuristic world.

3. Versatility for various venues, appealing to investors.

5. High Return ROI, making it a best choice for your VR theme park.

6. Experience ultra-high-definition films with six amazing special effects: heat, wind, water spray, air blast, scent, and motion. These features immerse you completely, making you feel like you're truly in a futuristic world!

7. Convenient central control system

VR Simulator 4 Players VR Fantasy Riding
Player 4 players
Power 9KW, 220V/50Hz
Voltage  220V / Voltage Converter
VR Glasses  Pico NEO3 Pro 
Games 9+ pcs games and movies
Playing Time 2-10 minutes
Size L2.8*W5.83*H2.7m
Weight 1550KG
List of goods 4 x VR Headsets
4 x VR Seats
4 x VR Riding

Massive Game/Movie Contents

VR games

This Product Application?

It can be used a plenty of indoor playgrounds, such as theme park, game center, training base, shopping all, etc.


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