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  • Virtual Reality Arcade VR Shooting Simulator
  • Virtual Reality Arcade VR Shooting Simulator
  • Virtual Reality Arcade VR Shooting Simulator
  • Virtual Reality Arcade VR Shooting Simulator

Virtual Reality Arcade VR Shooting Simulator

VART VR Arcade 9D VR Shooting Simulator. 5pcs VR shooting games. You can walk, squat down and shoot. It is suitable for people who likes shooting games. It can be used for a variety of indoor playgrounds, theme park, hotel, airport, shopping mall, KTV, playhouse, cinema, etc.

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Vr shooting machine



What is VR Shooting Simulator?

VR Shooting Simulator is a more flexible Automatic machine. Non-wear VR glasses! The headset and the gun two in one. Pay by coin or card. Standing near the platform, then go inside the game. Walk, run, shoot, crouch, jump. Just enjoy the real War Games. The most interactive VR shooting machine!

Advantage of VR Shooting Simulator

1. Fashion camouflage appearance.

2. The first non-wear VR experience with higher floor efficiency and lower operating costs.

3. VR helmet and gun integrated design.

4. VR integrated gun automatic lifting storage function, more effective protection of the helmet.

5. 49 inch touch screen control.

6. With 360° Panoramic VR Shooting Game.

7. Support coin payment and other payment methods.

Model VR Shooting Simulator
Player 1 player
Power 1.0 KW
Voltage 220V / Voltage Converter
VR Glasses HP Reverb G2
Games 5pcs VR shooting games
Playing Time 2-10 minutes
Size L1.32*W1.03*H2.60m
Weight 300KG
List of goods 1 x VR Headsets
1 x VR Shooting Simulator(include 49 inch touch screen)

Massive Game/Movie Contents

game poster (1)
game poster (2)
game poster (3)
game poster (4)
game poster (5)


800 500(5)
800 500(2)
800 500(4)
800 500(1)
800 500(3)
vr shooting machine price

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Guangzhou Longcheng Technology Co., Ltd.(VART) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research & development and application of VR technologies. It integrates creativity, R&D, content, production and solutions and operation services. Focus on providing high-value immersive entertainment education products and solutions for indoor park, cultural tourism,science research and other industry applications. VR Park cases from our clients all over the world.


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